Welcome to my Gallery.

Frank Bingley
Welcome to my website. Here you will find examples of my work from recent years. I mostly paint for enjoyment and am always keen to explore different mediums, styles and subjects and don’t have a single theme to my work. That said, I am fascinated by people-watching, vehicles and animals, so my artworks are usually based on one or other of these.

In earlier years, I used watercolour almost exclusively and loved the beautiful transparency of colour on white paper. Recent years though, I have turned my attention to other mediums like gouache, oil pastel and have a fascination for Lino printing.

I am a member of the LSA and Chairman of the Market Harborough Art Club, as well as a member of several small, local painting groups, where working and socialising with like minded people brings an enormous and satisfying pleasure to life.

All my work (except where marked as SOLD) is available for purchase, please use the contact page for a quote. I am happy to take on commissions, again, please contact me for more details if you have something in mind.