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Sketchbook Entries - 2017 - 2018

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Loosening up with this piece. Acrylic ink on watercolour paper.

I love Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. This is a pre-painting sketch 3/1/2018.

Fabulous pose by Valery for this sketch 1/1/2018

This young dog looked such a sweetie at the Leicester County Show this year. This pencil sketch was a quickie in preparation for a painting some time soon - hopefully. 22/9/2017

This is Becky from our online portrait painting group. 2B pencil on cartridge paper A4 (nominal). 13/9/2017

The Town Hall in Market Harborough was built by Robert Sherrard in 1788 and is an imposing structure greeting visitors entering the town from the Northern end of the High Street. This time I was joined by a friend and we sat and sketched this scene together amid a steady flow of both traffic and pedestrians. The large lorries that passed by continually obscured our view, which got quite frustrating at times! 29/8/2017

Old Grammar School and Lloyds Bank, Market Harborough. The weather forecast this morning was warm and cloudy, so a good day for sketching. Sat on my trusty little seat under a small tree next to St. Dionysius Church and sketched this scene, which is in Church Square. There was a stall holder under the grammar School and lots of passers by, most left me in peace, some complimented my work and one or two asked for directions Lovely to see some old friends who stopped to chat too. 22/8/2017.

The Green, Great Bowden. There are a number of lovely views around this part of the village and I could have sat anywhere to sketch this area. Although it was sunny, it was quite windy and I made the error of sitting under the shade of some trees, which meant that I soon got cold. Added colour back at base, though it would probably have been best to leave it as a pen sketch. 1/8/2017.

Welland House and Memorial Gardens Gateway, The Square, Market Harborough. Another morning spent sketching in my home town. This view is immediately to the left of Catherwood house, where the Tesco store trails of to the left of that sketch and on to the right of this one. Wanted to get a little more of those gates in this, but it didn't work out. Some of the lines got a bit wobbly after two hours as I was getting a bit tired and hungry! 25/7/2017.

The Orangery, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire. The Gardens here are a delight to walk round and the Orangery is large and well stocked with tropical plants up to the skylights. There is also a formal pool in the centre. There are also a number of animals to see here, as well as an arboretum with flowing water and bridges. All this topped off with a decent cafe selling good food. 24/7/2017.

The Guild Hall in Leicester - another day sketching en plein air. Sat just opposite the back of the Cathedral looking south west in intermittent sunshine. On the way driving home it poured with rain, so that worked out well! 22/7/2017.

Catherwood House and War Memorial in The Square, Market Harborough. A lovely warm sunny day when I sat sketching this. A number of people stopped to comment, including a lady from Harborough in Bloom, who took my photo sitting sketching among the flowers. 18/7/2017.

The Knoll in Leicester Botanical Gardens. There was a large party of school children milling around the grounds when I was sketching this one, but they didn't get close to me; not that I would have minded, but children have a habit of bombarding you with questions, which makes it difficult to draw! 13/7/2017

Our visit to Belgrave Hall included a guided tour. Unfortunately, there was hardly any furniture left in the building, but the history was interesting and the gardens lovely in the subtle evening sunshine - 11/7/2017.

Jill Harding. Pencil sketch of one of my Flickr friends for the JKPP group. 4/7/2017.

Quick self portrait using a photo for reference. Here I've used pen and acrylic washes, which made the cartridge paper bubble up a little bit. The face turned out a little darker than I expected (it's difficult with acrylics as they tend to darken on drying) but overall, fairly pleased with the result. 25/5/2017

Quick Portrait of David Heydon, pen and acrylic washes. This was painted specifically for an online portrait painting group that I belong to. 23/4/2017

Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. This is the view looking from Magdalen Street - Good Friday 2017

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